Beach House Style!

Everyone doesn’t have a beach house but many love the look. You can change out your city home with just a few different accents to make it have the feel of being by the water for the summer months. Beach style is clean, breezy, clutter free, relaxed. The colors that are used to decorate with are soft blues, greens, corals, whites and sand. Paint is the least expensive way to change up a room so don’t be afraid to make a focus wall or change a color for the season. Textures are an important part of the beach look. Use the texture through wicker, shells, corals and rugs. Painted floors, bead board, shutters are all part of the look as well.

Several months ago while walking on the the beach in South Carolina my girlfriend and I collected oyster shells. These were glue gunned onto juice size glasses and made great votives and also on the stem of a lamp that was simple in design and totally changed the look.

A website you might want to check is to see some other great decorating ideas! I think the more I write about summer the sooner it will get here!!

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