Arranging Collectables and Photographs!

I am always getting asked about hanging artwork, family photographs and vintage pieces…how high, how many, what kind of frames etc. This book Living with What you Love has some wonderful ideas to help you determine all those questions. When grouping things together the main thing is to express yourself! You want to make your home uniquely yours by expressing what is sentimental and important to you. It could be a wedding, birthday or other significant event in your life, but the important thing is to follow your passion and don’t bother about trends!

Some of you collect Limoges boxes, cookie jars, depression glass, dolls, antique silver, children’s artwork, cake plates…the list goes…these can be lovingly displayed on bookshelves mixed in with your books or on crystal or silver trays. We are all now starting to think of getting our homes ready for the busy holiday season and just changing things and moving them around can make a room feel refreshed.

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